Universität Bonn

Nanophysics and Quantum Photonics

Open Positions

We are looking for motiviated candidates at all levels.

PhD & Postdoc Positions

We are looking forward to consolidating our team with you. Currently we are looking for Postdocs and PhD students to start with our new labs. If you are interested in experimental work in the fields of quantum optics, AMO physics, lasers physics, just get in touch.

Bachelor & Master Theses

We currently offer several topics for bachelor & master's theses work:

Topic 1: Chiral nanoscopy using structured optical field

- Fabrication of chiral micro-/nanostructures
- Generation of structured chiral optical fields
- Extract and analyze chiral information of the sample
Knowhows you will acquire: optical microscopy, nanofabrication, structured chiral optical fields

Topic 2: Cryogenic buffer-gas molecule beam source

- Assisting the assembly of a cold molecule source
- Generating a cold beam of chiral molecules
- Laser photon-ionization and spectroscopy
Knowhows you will acquire: vacuum, cryogenic technology, pulsed lasers, electron & ion detection

Topic 3: Room-temperature single emitter nanoscopy

- Set up a room temperature fluorescence microscope
- Detect single molecules/color centers
- Peform quantum optics measurements

Knowhows you will acquire: superresolution microscopy, solid-state sample preparation, single-photon detection

Topic 4: Compact cryogenic platform for molecular spectroscopy

- Design and construct a mini-cryostat (2 Kelvin)
- Performing high-resolution spectroscopy on molecules
- Characterize photophysics of molecules in matrices

Knowhows you will acquire: cryogenic technology, narrow-linewidth lasers, precision spectroscopy

Intern & Student Helpers

Interested in these topics, but not ready for the thesis yet? We are also interested in hosting you as an intern student/ student helper. Get in touch with us.

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